Censorship, be gone gone gone

Tony Turner singing "Harperman"

I’m a bit late with this, but what the heck – call it election ad overload. Still, you, too, can sing-along on September 17 with the Unitarian church hippies (those were the days).

The story according to Maclean’s: “Newsmaker: Tony Turner, the scientist turned ‘Harperman’ star”

“Turner was working as a scientist with Environment Canada, specializing in GPS mapping…. Environment Canada has suspended Turner while investigating his musical fame, suspecting it could violate the public service’s code of ethics.”


Valentina plays


… in Donetsk, east Ukraine, under Russian occupation. Aah.. actually no. Actually, under Kiev bombardment. And for what? Federalize already, and let these people live in peace.

Valentina Lisitsa plays piano in Donetsk

Valentina Lisitsa concert in Donetsk